Daily Meditation for Energy Purification and Message from Higher Self


Daily Meditation for Energy Purification & Message from Higher Self

In this short powerful Daily Chakra Purification with Breath Meditation I will guide you to align, balance and purify your energy centers from the crown of the head to your feet. From this guided meditation empowered place you’ll make a request for a message from your higher self, your over soul, your guides, God, source or whatever name you resonate with. This makes a wonderful frequent or even daily meditation practice. You can practice this sitting or on a meditative walk. It’s a perfect short morning meditation practice to start your day with or easy enough to do as a sleep meditation at bedtime before going into dreamland.

Purification with Love Light Guided Meditation


Purification with Love Light Guided Meditation

9 Minute Love and Light Meditation is a powerful kindness blessing and purification for yourself & others. You”ll be guided to embody an uplifted feeling of love & light through heart mind coherence. You’ll learn how, in only 9 minutes, that you can regain a sense of connection and wellbeing through this meditation. This heart mind coherence meditation sets the attention on heart focused breathing and then an uplifting heart quality of love and light is added. The love and light then is first sent to yourself and then others followed by sending love and light to the earth and all creatures and natural creations. If you need a short meditation is meant to help you activate your parasympathetic nervous system— you can practice at any time to reset and recharge. This should be your go to meditation for bringing balance and peace to your heart and mind.

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