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“Tarané was fully present with me and guided me to past lives I was not in touch with. I will definitely suggest her to my friends.”

D. S., San Rafael, CA

” My session with a Tarané was relaxing and safe and I was able to explore some of the issues in my current life through this process. I discovered hidden facets of myself and I’ve felt more creative and less fearful. I have already recommended her to several friends. “

Cynthia Greenberg, San Anselmo, CA

“I did not know what to expect from my session with Tarané.  It was a very insightful and relaxing experience.  She was fully present with me and guided me to past lives I was not in touch with.  I will  definitely recommend her to my friends. It is her calling! “

D.S., San Rafael, CA

“Tarané is a warm, caring, and insightful guide who I highly recommend to anyone considering working with her. I felt safe, comfortable, and supported throughout my session and was genuinely surprised by the depth of exploration we did together with this process. It was truly a rewarding and insightful experience! “

L. D. San Rafael, CA

“This was my very first past life regression session. The experience with Tarané was deep, calm and clarifying. Before the session she explained everything about the method and process and I had plenty of time to go into details about what I wanted to explore. Tarané is a very experienced, knowledgeable, calm and gentle person. The environment for the session is beautiful, light and soothing so you feel perfectly safe and well taken care of”. 

C. A. San Rafael, CA

“My hypnotic past life session with Tarané was a pure delight.  Her gentleness, skill and precision are truly precious and rare. I would not ever allow another person into my energy like that unless I felt a “beyond this dimension” trust of that Being.  Tarané has done deep work for many years (actually lifetimes IMHO) and has earned her stripes. When I opened my eyes with the sense I had been “out” for 20-25 minutes it had been 2.5 hours.  You’ll feel at ease and be in a position to derive deep value.”

Fred Keyser, San Rafael, CA

Thanks for this opportunity. I did enjoy this and learned and deeply reflected. Appreciate this greatly!!

J.G., San Rafael, CA

If you want to make a quantum leap forward to integrate the various aspects of your life in a safe environment, this is definitely something great to try. I looked 20 years younger when I finished and I was happier than I have been in months.  I was able to access parts of myself I thought had disappeared between the country,  COVID,  politics, my own personal stuff . . . .it was such a great relief to me to realize I was still a forward looking person who could invent creative outcomes.  What a gift!

Fran Q., Mill Valley, CA

I had heard about hypnotherapists who worked with past life regression, but never experienced it until my session with Tarané. It was a very easy and smooth experience. The session helped me to release old psychological baggage. I’ve been feeling lighter and more energized since then!

M. K. Mill Valley, CA

Meeting Tarané was a beautiful surprise. She is genuinely so gracious, approachable, and sincere. I enjoyed my experience in the session I had with her. I didn’t know what to expect and was slightly nervous going in but she made me feel very comfortable and the environment was inviting. The session was meaningful and helped me learn more about the wholeness within me. It felt empowering and brought a connection to my creative potential. I recommend Tarané and I myself look forward to another session with her.


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